Furnace Brazing
There are two main types of furnace brazing:
Vacuum Brazing of which there are two types. Firstly, those requiring 'exotic' filler metals such as gold-nickel, gold-copper and palladium bearing alloys. We supply several of these high quality paste products.
The second group consists of copper and nickel-based alloys - high quality products used in higher volumes.
Reducing Atmosphere Brazing is mainly carried out with copper and copper alloys. Some silver based alloys are used on more sophisticated applications.
Turbo Braze have a range of binders, suitable for both vacuum and reducing atmosphere furnaces.
Brazing in Air
When using a brazing paste in air, the paste will contain a suitable flux. Turbo Braze offer a comprehensive range of fluxes, which are designed to meet the specific requirements of the joining process.