Turbo Braze is a leading manufacturer of braze paste and solder paste worldwide. In 2006 Baird & Co Bullion Merchants and Refiners became the sole stockists and manufacturers of TurboBraze in the UK.

Turbo Braze (Europe) was opened in 1986. After developing the UK market, we now have a significant presence in Europe and our business now extends to The Middle East, Africa, the Far East and Australia.

Turbo Braze manufacture brazing and soldering filler metals to suit all applications. Our products allow the ability to automate processes which offer cost and time savings, control and quality advantages. Turbo Braze pastes allow greater control over the filler metal used and provide more flexibility in the manufacturing process. It is often necessary to stock only one ring or pre-form for all brazing and soldering requirements, resulting in reduced stock levels. The precise and controlled applications of pastes create a cleaner working environment.

Our products are currently used by the following clients in these processes ……….