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A manufacturer of copper bottomed stainless steel saucepans wanted to reduce the silver content of the braze filler powder they were using, to help reduce costs. The alloy they used was 30% silver and widely used in the industry.

We decided not only to help reduce the silver content but to improve the process at the same time. We developed a flux-coated powder, this was not a blend, but particles of alloy bonded with flux. This product enabled us to control the amount of flux applied to each copper disc and therefore greatly reduce the risk of flux entrapment, a big problem in this industry. We supplied a silver free product, copper-tin-phosphorous, which greatly reduced the alloy cost. Metallugically, this is not a good idea, but due to the unique brazing process and the undemanding nature of the joint, it worked satisfactorily.

We can supply flux-coated powders in virtually any alloy and they are an excellent way of applying filler metal and flux in a controlled manner to any large area to be brazed.

If you have a metal joining problem we may well have the solution, contact us for more details.

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