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A manufacturer of carbide tipped circular saws had been applying the braze filler metal by spraying the alloy in powder form on to the saw blade and then brazing on an induction brazing machine, where the carbide tip was fed through a bowl feeder into position and brazed. This was a costly process as it required two operators and a high percentage of the sprayed powder missed the blades and was unusable.

We supplied the filler metal as a braze paste and set it up so that the paste was applied on to the tip as it was moved into position for brazing. This proved very successful and saved the company the cost of the powder spraying process and the scrapped powder.

Another problem the spraying process caused was excess filler metal, which would run up the blade away from the carbide tip. This did not affect the joint integrity, but was undesirable cosmetically and therefore it would be removed by hand grinding. The fixed flux to metal ratio and timed paste deposit removed the need for this process and at the same time helped to reduce the re-braze rate to around 0.2%, including missing tips and tips presented upside down.

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