About TurboBraze UK - Brazing and Soldering

TurboBraze are manufacturers of high quality industrial brazing and soldering products for efficient and cost effective high strength metal joining.

In 2006 Baird & Co Bullion Merchants and Refiners became the sole stockist and manufacturer of TurboBraze in the UK.

Our products are suitable for Copper, steel, Aluminium, Tungsten Carbide, Silver, gold platinum and other precious metals. We have been supplying paste, powder and automated process equipment for over 15 years from our production facilities in the UK. Brazepaste offers the unique combination of optimum, repeatable joint quality with the cost saving of automation often with far lower alloy requirements when compared to rod and wire uses.

Our consultancy service will help you to ensure that you get the correct formula and equipment for your production requirements. All materials are made specially for you based on our wide range of alloy powders and flux agents and binders.

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Complete solutions for industrial brazing and soldering metal joining applications. Powders, pastes, dispensing equipment, automation design and supply processes. Solutions for joining Aluminium, copper, steel (mild / carbon and stainless), silver, brass (including leaded), iron, nickel, palladium, platinum, gold and other jewlry products (See Okai section). Heating methods can include resistance, induction, torch (flame burners) and furnace (reducing atmosphere and vacuum). We work in many industrial sectors, particularly automotive, jewellery, saucepan and related kitchen products, carbide tool tip production and related saw products. Similar products that are available come in the form of wire, rod (including flux coated), strip, foil (including trifoil) and washers (and related pre-form foil).